RIE​ / Stylist

experiences : 14years

singapore : 7years

"Femininity, suitable style and easy to manage"

With these points in mind, let's find a great hairstyle for you!

I'm confident in being able to solve your worries as I too, have many problems regarding my own hair.

I'm good at creating soft and natural hairstyles. I will ensure your hair colour comes out with lustre and translucence. Regardless of colouring or perming, the results will last longer and be easy to maintain.

I take great care in perfecting my techniques and providing excellent service so that my customers, regardless of age, will consider coming back here. Being friendly and attentive to the needs of my customers is one of my greatest strengths.

For those who want to achieve a cuter look that will last long be it after colouring or perming, please leave it to me!

NAO​ / Stylist

experiences : 18years

singapore : 3years

Helping customers to become HAPPY with their hair is our greatest satisfaction. We will strive our best to achieve that for everyone.

Each customer has their own individual hair texture, physique and problems. In addition, everyone will have different approaches to their hair.

We will carefully evaluate your needs and worries, based on which we will provide suggestions on a suitable hairstyle.

Please feel free to consult us! We await your appointment.

TOYA​ / Colorlist

experiences : 16years

singapore : 1years

I started out 16 years ago in a salon, initially as a hairstylist cutting hair, but I was mesmerised by the art of hair colouring that I decided to specialise in colouring work instead.

I take pride in giving my customers a hair colour that they will like for a long time. Having a long-lasting colour may be important, but if customers can continue to like their current hair even as the colour fades, isn't that great?

Based on my customers' skin tone and eye colour, I will design a personalised hair colour that matches them. Customers can look forward to a uniquely personal hair colour that blends highlights well and does not damage the roots of the hair.

As you will see your hair very often, it is expected that you would like your hair colour to be satisfying. As such, please leave it to me to give you a hair colour that you will love!

TEPPEI / Stylist

experiences : 22years

singapore : 1years

I have been a hairstylist for 22 years.

During my career, I worked as the manager of a salon in Osaka, and went abroad to study under Vidal Sassoon in London for 3 years.

After returning, I did freelance hairstyling work for many customers in Harajuku, the youth fashion hub of Tokyo.


I enjoy cutting hair most as it is my strongest area of expertise.

Although it is important to match my customers' hair quality, hair texture and facial shape, I also take into consideration their lifestyle, personality and image, and through the process help them discover their new selves.


I may look different from most hairstylists, but I hope you will like my quality service and treatment! (:


A respected senior once said to me,

"A beautiful hairstyle comes from a great haircut"


With this as my personal motto, I do my best to understand my customers' needs and keep up with the trends. By grasping the "contemporary" meaning of "beauty" is how I provide customers quality hairstyling services.

YUYA​ / Stylist

experiences : 13years

singapore : 6years

This is a place where I feel happy as I work and talk to customers. There's no other job as awesome as this.

Most of my customers are men. I aim to provide a hairstyle that is stress-free to manage and suitable for your lifestyle.


"I want to look fashionable but my company is strict on grooming..."

"I cannot apply styling products to my hair..."

For those with such concerns, I hope to help you achieve a hairstyle that is manageable and simple for your daily life.

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