YUKI / Top Stylist

experiences : 15years

singapore : 2years half

I have worked in Japan,and Singapore as a hair stylist, where I had the opportunity to learn and gain experience with both Japanese, Asian and Western hairstyles and hair types. Therefore I am specialized for diverse clientele, clients from Asian countries and also from western countries with all hairstyles and qualities included curly hair as well. 

While working in Singapore I had the chance to gain experience with western and other Asian hair types.I believe with this special diverse experience and skill set I am able to provide a more international like service to my customers from many countries.


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/Top Stylist

experiences : years

singapore : years

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RENA /Top Stylist

experiences : 13years

I have 17 years of experience in this industry. Well-versed in precision cut, perm, colour, makeover and styling.

I have a unique sense of styling knowledge, precision skills, professionalism and great work ethic. In my opinion, the service which I provided to each of my customers is not just a hairstyle, but a work of art that has been created out of years of polishing and refining my craft.  The best reciprocation for originality is hearing the affirmation my customers give me.


Graduated from Guangzhou Technical Hairdressing School


Further studies at Guangzhou International Creative School

Full course in Korean techniques and style: 3D perm, digital perm rods, blow dry, makeup,  updo/hair styling, overall fashion dressing, and compatibility with facial features


Further studies Shanghai International Hairdressing School

Precision VS Customised Haircut, creative customisation, creative 3D colouring.


Further study under Hong Kong international master stylist

Japanese style haircut, 3D Blow-dry technique, digital perm styling


Attended GOLDWELL 3D colour full course


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 /  stylist

experiences : years

singapore : years

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JOSEPH / Stylist

experiences : 18years

I have been hailed as a creative force of the hairdressing scene in Singapore. Having been a stylist for 18 years, my greatest vision for the salon is to bring inspiration and confidence to all my customers. Thereby building a long, lasting relationship of trust and commitment.

Graduate of Pivot Point International. I specialise in a range such as balayage, Caucasian highlights, highlights, different types of perms (Japanese, Korean etc.), cut and colour. I have attended a variety of courses, such as for perm and advance colouring in the pursuit of upgrading my skills in this industry. 

Used to collaborate with Female and Her World magazine. 



experiences : 14years

singapore : 8years

This is a place where I feel happy as I work and talk to customers. There's no other job as awesome as this.

Most of my customers are men. I aim to provide a hairstyle that is stress-free to manage and suitable for your lifestyle.


"I want to look fashionable but my company is strict on grooming..."

"I cannot apply styling products to my hair..."

For those with such concerns, I hope to help you achieve a hairstyle that is manageable and simple for your daily life.


** Additional $30 charge applies if choosing Yuya as stylist for New Customers